NJ Peace Garden

Promoting Peace and Understanding

Promoting Peace and Understanding in our community. 


Take part in annual International Day of Peace Celebration to be part of our chaning community.


Gain expertise in interfaith understanding and learning about our new neighbors.


Interfaith Peace Garden will help you to learn about our  interfaith communities in the Central New Jersey.


The NJ Peace Garden was started in 2017 by the Somerset County Cultural Diversity Coalition in cooperation with Rotary District 7510, Interfaith community leaders and various community organizations. The committee was inspired by Rotary’s 2013 theme “Peace Through Service”. 


With recent environmental problems and Covid-19 related issues, our committee thought we need to grow a better world and connect with and become caretakers of Earth.  From the Peace Garden grew the various youth caretaker groups, that in turn grew into a socially and environmentally conscious community. In 2018, The Garden became a designated International Peace Pole site, a part of The Global Peace Pole Project founded by Masahisa Goi from Japan.   In 2019, the Garden and Temple was designated as an “International City of Peace”.


Garden design with Peace and Environmentalfocus.

Masterful design by Jolean London, who has a degree in Landscape Architecture from the Rutgers University. She is designing a Butterfly garden with many varieties of NJ native plants. 

After World War II and the dropping of the atomic bomb, Masahisa’s life took on new meaning and he began to share his philosophy for a better world. He created the peace pole as standing prayer for peace with the words, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”  His philosophy became popular and grew in Japan.  When he died in 1983, his adopted daughter took the initiative internationally, and it became The Global Peace Pole Project.   


The Somerset County Cultural Diversity Coalition in cooperation with Interfaith communities, Lions and Rotary International has been holding an Annual International Day of Peace celebration in September and a celebration of messenger of peace on Buddha’s birthday in middle of May at the NJ Buddhist Vihara, 4299 Rt 27 in Princeton. The NJ Peace Garden has been visited by Tibetan and Nepalese monks, Interfaith Community leaders, Native American leaders, community leaders and elected officials.   


A newly updated NJ Peace Garden with the 13 different Interfaith symbols and golden rules from 13 different faith groups will be dedicated on September 24 at the New Jersey Buddhist Vihara, 4299 Rt 27, Princeton during our 15th Annual International Day of Peace Celebration.  


May the new Interfaith Peace Garden bring the peace to our community and around world.  Please join us for our programming on September 24, 2022, at 12 pm as we grow a better World and learn to become caretakers of Earth and keepers of Peace together. Free International lunch and refreshments will be provided.





Community Projects

UPCOMING PROGRAMS May 7, 2022 International Peace day and Interfaith Prayers  celebration. Register here https://conta.cc/3jVCUtG

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